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Features in the Summer 2014 Issue of Edible Cape Cod:

Ten: A Love Story

Einstein once said: “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”  That quote always reminds me of the spirit behind our company and that drives each of the (now more than 80!) locally owned and operated magazines that are part of the Edible Communities network today. It’s not that we don’t strive for success too, it’s just that we have always measured success in terms of the positive impact and value our publishers bring to each of their local communities, so the two are really one and the same for us.

Ten years ago, this whole Edible odyssey began when we loaded up an old SUV with multiple computers, tons of office supplies, various cameras, an even older golden retriever, a few clothes and some pretty big dreams, and headed out for a cross-country trip that would change our lives forever. During the 3,093-mile drive from our home in Ojai, California to the Langeland’s home in Cummaquid, we talked non-stop about what we might be getting ourselves into. At face value, we were simply going off to work for a couple of weeks to help Doug and Dianne Langeland launch Edible Cape Cod (the very first magazine to be licensed under the Edible Communities brand). And while we had not yet met the Langelands in person, we believed we made a very good choice about our partners for embarking on this adventure, based on the phone calls and emails we had shared. But on a deeper level, we both had that “tiger by the tail” sort of feeling you get when your instinct is telling you it is safe to jump off a cliff and your head is asking you to fasten your seat belt. Being more seat-of-our-pants rather than seatbelt-securing kind of gals, we jumped. Thankfully, the Langelands were indeed the perfect partners with whom to take that leap of faith.

Then nine years ago, Einstein’s quote took root in a very tangible way when we created an award in Doug and Dianne’s honor that is now given each year to an Edible magazine publisher for contributions they make in their local community that go beyond publishing a magazine. The award is called The Langeland Award of Excellence for Outstanding Community Service and comes with a cash prize to be given to a local non-profit organization. (The only caveat is that Doug and Dianne have the overwhelming responsibility of selecting the winner each year!) As of May 2014, the Langeland Award has contributed over ten thousand dollars to some very well deserving food-related organizations and we could not be more proud of each year’s recipients, or the fact that the award lives on in honor of two such incredible people.

So why call this a love story? Because every single day since our very first meeting, Doug and Dianne Langeland have not only brought value to their community and success to Edible Cape Cod, they have offered countless hours of guidance and trusted advice to Edible Communities, and a deeply valued, enduring friendship to us. To this day, we are convinced there could have never been a more perfect way to start a company or a friendship. We love this approach!

With love and gratitude,
Tracey Ryder and Carole Topalian,
Co-Founders, Edible Communities