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Features in the Spring 2015 Issue of Edible Cape Cod:


Once the snow finally melted in our yard, the destruction of the winter season was revealed in the form of disintegrated raised beds, half a driveway’s worth of stones in our berry patch and enough broken branches to fuel a sizable bonfire. But our small miseries pale in comparison to what famer Dave DeWitt of Dave’s Greens in Truro endured: winter crops dying in snow-darkened greenhouses, delayed spring planting, even a collapsed greenhouse, all to the tune of many thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Our garden is a hobby; Dave’s farm is his livelihood. But as contributor Larry Egan observes in his article about Dave’s Greens, DeWitt takes his losses in stride in a typical Cape Cod manner, with a shrug and a meh – exemplifying the stalwart traits we love most of the hardy, matter-of-fact Yankees that populate our peninsula. Get over it and move on, already! So, we are moving on. No more grousing about winter 2015!

With the air and water temperature warming, all (reasonable) thoughts turn to fishing, and putting the freshest seafood on the table. Regular contributor and fisherman Russell Kingman was solicited by the chef/owners of the fabulous Pisces in Chatham (run, don’t walk if you haven’t been) for a morning on the seas to demonstrate the ancient practice of weir fishing to their entire staff so they could better appreciate the food they serve to their customers. As Kingman points out, this is a win-win-win situation for fishermen, restaurateurs and diners.

Speaking of Russell Kingman, he was one of four of our contributors honored at the 10th annual Eddy Awards this past March. Russell was a finalist in the Best Story Personal Essay category. Other Edible Cape Cod winners were Vanessa Stewart, who won Critic’s Choice for Best Feature/Chef; Elise Hugus, who won Reader’s Choice for Best Story/Environment or Sustainability; and Julie Mirocha, who won Reader’s Choice for Best Feature/Food Artisan. You can read these winning stories and the rest of the 2015 Eddy Award winners at the Edible Feast website (ediblefeast.com/eddyawards).

Whatever your passion – fishing, gardening, clamming – tis the season to shake off the cobwebs, roll up your sleeves and swing into action.

Happy Spring!
Dianne Langeland